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Giuseppe M. J. Barca

DMT Lab Lead

Giuseppe is an Associate Professor in Digital Innovation and High-Performance Computing at the University of Melbourne, and Co-Founder and Head of Research of QDX Technologies. Find out more about Giuseppe.


Jorge Galvez-Vallejo

Research Officer

Jorge obtained his PhD in physical chemistry at Iowa State University in 2022 and has since moved to Australia to pursue postdoctoral research in the area of High Performance Computing applied to quantum chemical methods under Prof. Giuseppe Barca. He has worked on porting diverse ab initio methods to GPUs and using them on massively parallel systems.  His main focus has been working on two electron integral evaluation and using fragmentation methods to target large molecular systems. Jorge also enjoys playing Magic the Gathering, painting Warhammer 40K miniatures, reading Latin American Literature, and weight lifting as a form of stress relief.


Calum Snowdon

PhD Student

Calum is a Ph.D. candidate in High-Performance Computing at the Australian National University, researching high-performance Coupled Cluster methods for GPU-based suprcomputers. Beyond Coupled Cluster, Calum is interested Software Engineering, specifically targeting the development of maintainable code which doesn't compromise on performance. Outside of research, Calum enjoys Juggling, Board Games, and Volleyball.

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Elise Palethorpe

QDX-Linked PhD Student

Elise is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University working on writing custom GPU kernels to facilitate highly performant electronic integral computations. She loves applying computer science to complex real world problems. Elise enjoys spending her spare time running, hiking or cycling through the bush.


Fazeleh Kazemian

PhD Student

Fazeleh is a Ph.D. candidate at the Australian National University, specialising in High-Performance Computing and conducting research on high-performance Fragmentation algorithms for GPU-based supercomputers under Prof. Fazeleh is interested in Arduino, programming, and experimenting with sensors to create interactive projects. Fazeleh enjoys reading books, playing chess, and board games in her leisure time.


Fiona Yu

PhD Student

Fiona is a PhD candidate in computer science at the Australian National University where her focus mainly lies in developing high performance computing algorithms for computational chemistry. Her research has mainly involved developing fast and accurate molecular fragmentation algorithms. Outside of research, Fiona enjoys reading fiction books in her favourite city, Melbourne.


Joshua Soon

QDX-Linked PhD Student

Joshua Soon graduated from the National University of Singapore with a focus on bioinformatics and published a number of studies applying various bioinformatics algorithms to decipher disease mechanisms.
Now he is a PhD student in the DMT Lab, working at the intersection of quantum chemistry, machine learning and high performance computing, to research, develop and refine high fidelity neural network force fields to accelerate ab-initio molecular dynamics.
Beyond his academic pursuits, Joshua finds joy in spending quality time with his beloved canine companion and indulging in his creative interests through photography and videography.


Ryan Stocks

QDX-Linked PhD Student

Ryan is an interdisciplinary computer scientist that enjoys working at the intersection of HPC and the physical sciences. He has previous experience scaling GIS algorithms and visualization for the global pumped hydro atlas. Ryan received the ANU University Medal for his work redesigning the RI-MP2 gradient algorithm for near-ideal performance on multi-GPU clusters and is now a PhD candidate implementing further algorithms to support quantum electronic structure calculations on massively parallel computers.


Brendan Wilson, Honours student 2024

Jack Carey, Honours student 2023-2024

Sharaf ZamanPawsey Summer Research Intern (PSIP) 2023-2024

Joshua Singla, project student 2023, Pawsey Summer Research Intern (PSIP) 2023-2024

Andrew Kerr, project student 2023

Monique Jeacocke, project student 2023

Ryan Stocks, Honours student 2023, ASD Co-Lab 2023, awarded the ANU university medal

Rahul Mahendru, Honours student 2023, now at the National Computational Infrastucture

Jack Miller, Pawsey Summer Research Intern (PSIP) 2022-2023

Oliver Pulsford, Honours student 2022, ASD Co-Lab 2022, now at IMC Trading

Elise Palethorpe, Honours student 2022, candidate to the ANU university medal

Zora Zhuang, project student 2022

Jorge Galvez-Vallejo, PhD student, 2022

Yufan Xia, Honours student, 2022

Obi Symons, project student, 2022

Ryan Stocks, project student, 2021

Calum Snowdon, Honours student 2021, ASD Co-Lab 2021, candidate to the ANU university medal, now PhD student

Christopher Seidl, Honours student 2021, now at QDX Technologies

David Poole, PhD student 2021, now postdoc at Georgia Institute of Technology

Simon McKenzie, PhD student (co-supervised) 2020, now at Ashurst

Zaran Zahid, project student 2020

Frank Zhang, project student 2020

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