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Postdoctoral Positions

We will be opening 1 postdoctoral position soon.

Graduate positions, QDX internships and other supervised research

Talented students can apply for Honours and PhD positions within the group on a rolling basis. Typically, 1-3 Honours positions and 1-2 PhD positions are available every year.


For PhD positions, currently fully funded scholarships are available as well as top-up scholarships based on merit. 


The DMT Lab also offers industry-linked PhD and Honours programs involving professional internship periods within QDX Technologies.


Note that joining the DMT Lab is a highly competitive process, which starts with writing a 1-page, clean and professional Expression of Interest (EOI). 

If you are interested in joining the group, please follow carefully the guidelines below to write you EOI.

Due to the large volume of applications, EOIs that do not follow the guidelines below will be automatically disregarded.

  1. First, familiarise either with UniMelb's requirements or with UniMelb's requirements for PhD entry.

  2. If you are an undergraduate student interested in a research project, familiarise yourself with the existing research themes. As long as it aligns with our research themes, we are also happy for you to propose your own project. Therefore, email us your EOI in one or multiple research themes, including background information such as courses taken, academic transcript, and programming skills, and a concise statement about the research that you would like to undertake. 

  3. If you are a prospective PhD student, we expect you to have excellent programming and mathematical skills, with some prior experience in scientific computation, machine-learning and/or HPC. You should have good English proficiency, strong programming skills in C/C++, some familiarity with MPI, OpenMP and/or CUDA, and with version control (GitHub or SVN), or strong skills in machine-learning toolchains and model design.

  4. How to apply for a PhD position

    • Comprehend the Research Themes: Begin by carefully reading paragraph 3 and the research themes page  to understand our entry skillset requirements and our research areas thoroughly.

    • Express Interest: If you find one or more research themes that align with your expertise and research interests, kindly send us an Expression of Interest (EOI) via email. Your EOI should encompass the following details:

      • Academic Track Record: Provide information about your academic journey, including the courses you've taken, academic transcripts, and proficiency in programming.

      • Alignment with Requirements: Clearly demonstrate how you fulfill the requirements outlined in paragraph 3.

      • Motivation to Join DMT Lab: Offer a succinct statement elaborating on why you aspire to become part of the DMT Lab. Specify which research theme(s) captivate your interest and elucidate the reasons behind your preference.​​​

    • Warning & Next Steps: Write your email including the EOI with care, avoiding carelessness or obvious mistakes. Based on your email, we will decide whether we can proceed with an interview with some team members in the lab.



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